Power Petite Peace Lily (With Pictures)

Peace lilies are one of the most popular houseplants, and the power petite variety is the perfect compact size for tabletops or counters. Power petite peace lilies can make a great gift or add a special touch to your home décor. As long as they are well cared for, they can live for years.

In this article, you will learn what a power petite peace lily is, where you can buy a power petite peace lily, and how to take care of your power petite peace lily.

What Is A Power Petite Peace Lily?

A power petite peace lily is one of the smallest types of peace lily. They only grow to about fifteen inches high and sport thick glossy green foliage and white sail-like flowers. Because of its compact size, it makes for the perfect houseplant when space is at a premium.

Where Can You Buy A Power Petite Peace Lily?

In general, peace lilies can be purchased from your local nursery or any store which sells houseplants, such as Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart.

For this specific variety, you may have better luck at a smaller, specialized store because the power petite variety is not as common as a generic peace lily.

Online sources are also worth looking into. Some websites to peruse include Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Amazon.

Specialty plant websites are an additional resource to check out if you want to purchase a power petite peace lily.

Look at the glossy green foliage! Photo credit: thejunglecollective

How Do You Take Care Of A Power Petite Peace Lily?

Power petite peace lilies need the same kind of care that regular peace lilies require.

They are tropical plants that thrive in humid conditions. However, you should only water your houseplant about once a week to prevent saturation of the soil. If left in standing water, the root system can develop rot. Always check that the topsoil is slightly dry before you add water.

To further prevent root rot, ensure that your power petite peace lily is potted in a potting mix with perlite, peat moss, or vermiculite to add aeration and adequate drainage to the soil.

Since they are tropical, power petite peace lilies have an optimal environmental temperature range of 68 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 30 degrees Celsius). They should not be kept in temperatures lower than 45 Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). Cold temperatures will kill your plant.

Lightly misting your power petite peace lily will help mimic its naturally humid environment; just be sure not to drench it since it may encourage mold and disease.

Power petite peace lilies do not need a lot of sunlight to grow. In fact, you can place them in a windowless room, and they will still do OK. However, if you do this, be sure to aid in their growth by placing them under fluorescent lighting or, optimally, growth light.

If you place them in a sunlit room, do not expose them to too much direct sunlight as their leaves can become scorched and die.

The ideal light for these plants is plentiful, indirect light, just like their natural environment: the tropical rainforest floor!

Final Words

Power petite peace lilies are one of the smallest versions of peace lily and make an excellent houseplant for countertops, offices, or to give as gifts. These plants can be purchased at nurseries, online specialty plant websites, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or even Amazon.

Power petite peace lilies require weekly watering and indirect sunlight to truly thrive. Keep your power petite peace lily in a warm environment and occasionally mist it to mimic its natural tropical home.

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