Peace Lily Seeds – Everything You Need To Know!

A peace lily is a popular houseplant with heart-shaped white leaves and large, dark green leaves.

Taking care of a peace lily is relatively easy. Moreover, most varieties produce seeds in seed pods that can be harvested to propagate new peace lilies.

However, it’s important to note that peace lilies are typically – and more quickly – propagated through division rather than from seeds. Peace lilies can be divided when they fill out their pot, which is the most common way to propagate new plants.

If you appreciate a challenge and enjoy the process, I encourage you to learn more about peace lily seeds, find out how to get them and use them to grow peace lilies. Happy reading!

How Do You Remove The Seeds From A Peace Lily?

If you want to propagate new peace lily plants, you can remove and harvest seeds from existing plants. However, the seeds need to be removed carefully and at the right time.

The seeds in a peace lily plant are contained in a seed pod at the center of the plant. The seeds can only be removed once the seed pod has turned black. You shouldn’t remove the seeds if the pod is green or brown. A green or brown pod indicates that the seeds haven’t fully developed.

To remove the seeds, trim the seed pod and cut it from the root. Next, use a sterilized knife to open the spadix and remove the seeds from the pod. The collected seeds can either be planted immediately or stored for later.

Can You Buy Peace Lily Seeds?

Peace lily seeds aren’t usually sold in stores and may be challenging to find. The best way to get peace lily seeds is to harvest them from existing plants, as described above.

While most stores and retailers don’t sell peace lily seeds, you might come across some nurseries, flower shops, online stores, or other home improvement stores that sell them. Nurseries or flower shops can give you seeds freshly harvested from mature peace lily plants that you can use to plant your own peace lilies.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Peace Lilies From Seeds?

Peace lilies have a moderate growth rate and typically take three to five years to fully grow after planting the seeds. They usually take more than a couple of years to reach maturity. On average, these plants can grow between 1 and 6 inches every year.

The growth rate depends on several factors, such as peace lily species, amount of sunlight received, temperature, and humidity. Ideally, peace lilies should have access to indirect sunlight since it directly affects their growth. Since they are indoor plants, they shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight outdoors.

The rate at which peace lilies grow can reduce in colder months. This is a natural phenomenon in which plants conserve their energy, leading to slower growth.

Tips For Growing Peace Lilies From Seeds

If you have peace lily seeds and want to give it a try, here are some general steps to follow:

Germination: Peace lily seeds are slow to germinate and require optimal conditions, such as a warm and humid environment. To achieve this, you may want to use a seed-starting mix and provide consistent moisture to encourage the process.

Transplanting: Once the seeds have germinated and the seedlings are large enough to handle, carefully transplant them into individual pots with well-draining soil.

Care: Provide your seedlings with appropriate light (bright, indirect light is best for peace lilies), keep the soil consistently moist (but not soggy), and maintain a warm and humid environment.

Again, keep in mind that growing peace lilies from seeds can be a challenging and time-consuming process. If you’re looking to expand your peace lily collection, it might be easier to propagate new plants from an existing peace lily through division or consider purchasing established peace lily plants from a nursery.

Final Words

Peace lilies contain seeds in seed pods that can be harvested and used to propagate new plants. The seeds aren’t commonly sold by retailers or stores but can be found at your local nursery. Once the seeds are planted, it takes an average peace lily between 3 and 5 years to fully mature.

An easier way to propagate the plant is by division, so growing them from seeds is for the indoor plant enthusiasts!

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