When Do Peace Lilies Bloom?

Peace lilies are among the prettiest and most popular houseplants, but they are never more beautiful than when they are in full bloom, with their lustrous white flowers curving and flowing upward from their dark green stems. They are indeed striking when in bloom, but how long do you have to wait? When do peace lilies flower?

Peace lilies will usually bloom in spring, although sometimes they will flower a second time in the fall. They do not flower particularly easily, but they will do so if you provide them with the right conditions. They like rich soil and dappled shade and sun, rather than bright, direct light.

Do Peace Lilies Only Flower In Spring?

Although peace lilies usually flower in spring, you may occasionally observe a peace lily flowering toward the end of the year too, especially if it is happy with its conditions. In some instances, the peace lily will flower twice in a single year, and at other times, it will flower only in the spring or the fall.

Peace lilies produce one and sometimes two breathtaking white flowers, with a scoop-like shape that fans out to catch the light. They are beautiful plants, but getting them to bloom can be a challenge – so next, we will look at how you can encourage flowering.

How Do You Make A Peace Lily Flower?

Put your peace lily somewhere that it is getting bright light but no direct sun. Placing it on a winter windowsill may be sufficient, or you might need to put a shade between it and the window. A sheer curtain or a skinny one should work well. If you place your peace lily in direct sun, it will likely burn, and it will not flower if this happens.

Next, you need to ensure that your peace lily has plenty of nutrients, so it has what it needs to make flowers. You should be feeding your peace lily once every six weeks, but stop during the winter, as they don’t need fertilizing then.

When you repot a peace lily, make sure you plant it in rich compost, as this will ensure it grows well. It likes well-draining soil and should be watered about once a week. Use rainwater, if possible, to avoid getting chemical buildup around the plant’s roots.

Peace lilies also like humidity, so to make sure your plant is happy and healthy, put it on a tray of water with some pebbles at the bottom to raise the pot above the water level. The water will evaporate, gently misting the leaves.

Do All Peace Lilies Flower?

All peace lilies can flower, but many healthy plants do not do so – and it can be hard to push them into it. So some growers use gibberellic acid to force flowering. This is a natural plant hormone, and commercial growers often use it to make immature peace lilies flower before they are sold.

You probably won’t want to do this at home, so the best way to get your peace lily to flower is to give it the best possible conditions. For example, moving it into slightly brighter light will sometimes prompt flowering, but don’t do this if the light is already bright.

Warmth is also an excellent way to encourage a peace lily to flower because they come from tropical rainforests and enjoy warm temperatures.

How Long Do Peace Lily Flowers Last For?

In general, the flowers will last for around a month once they have begun, and sometimes a little longer.

It is a good idea to make sure your peace lily has plenty of water while it is in bloom. You don’t want that beautiful flower to wilt! Although peace lilies are pretty hardy, it’s best to keep an eye on the dryness of the soil and water your plant when it starts to dry out.

Should You Deadhead A Peace Lily?

When the bloom has finished, you may wish to remove the stem. This does not encourage the plant to produce another flower as it does in some plants, but it looks tidier and allows the plant to refocus its growth on its foliage.

You do not have to remove dead flowers, but they serve no purpose and can spoil the aesthetic of your plant, so it is best to do so unless you need to leave them there for some reason.

Final Words

Peace lilies generally flower in spring or early summer, when the weather is starting to get warm. However, they do sometimes flower in the fall, and their blooms can be triggered artificially.

If your peace lily is refusing to bloom, try moving it into a spot that enjoys slightly better light, and warm it up a bit if possible. Don’t blast it with heat, but make the most of sunshine or a warm room to try and encourage your plant to flower.

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