Can I Use Cactus Soil For My Peace Lily?

Peace lilies need loose soil that provides good drainage, water retention, and oxygenation – cactus soil allows for all three of these requirements. In addition, it falls within the appropriate acidic value for peace lilies and usually does not contain added fertilizers. Thus, cactus soil is well-suited for peace lilies and will provide their roots with an environment in which they can thrive.

In this article, we’ll review the different ingredients and qualities to look for in soil suited for peace lilies, what to add to cactus soil to optimize it for your peace lily, where to buy cactus soil, and how to tell if your peace lily’s soil composition is not working out.

It’s time to plant those peace lilies in the best soil their roots could ever ask for!

What To Look For In Soil For Peace Lilies?

The perfect soil composition for peace lilies is loose, rich soil with lots of organic matter such as leaf litter, compost, or bark. Since peace lilies are natively tropical plants, their roots require adequate moisture but without getting too soggy. Therefore, a soil composition that allows for proper drainage and air pockets for the roots to breathe is optimal.

Potting mixes that contain perlite, vermiculite, coco coir, peat moss, or orchid bark are all appropriate soils to use for peace lilies because they stay well aerated while also providing ample water retention.

Soils that are slightly acidic with pH values between 5.0 and 5.5 are also ideal for peace lilies and usually contain decomposed organic material such as charcoal, leaf litter, and bark which provide the peace lilies with additional nutrients.

Pre-sterilized soils, like cactus soil, are perfect for peace lilies, so you do not have to worry about the transference of disease or pests. Additionally, cactus soils usually advertise the prevention of root rot which is also crucial for the delicate root system of peace lilies.

If I Use Cactus Soil, Should I Add Something To The Mix?

If you use cactus soil to plant your peace lily in, consider mixing two parts of the cactus soil with one part of perlite or bark to increase the oxygenation. Most cactus soils are a combination of regular potting soil, gravel or sand, and pumice or perlite. Adding extra perlite will aid in providing the necessary aeration for the peace lily’s roots.

Most cactus soils also do not have fertilizer added in as cactus’ roots can quickly burn if overfertilized. This is also true of peace lilies so planting your peace lily in a soil mix that is not pre-fertilized is recommended.

In the growing season, adding a conservative amount of fertilizer to your peace lily’s cactus mixed potting soil every six weeks will help it grow and flower without risking damage to the roots.

Where Can I Buy Cactus Soil?

Cactus soil is available for purchase at home improvement stores and garden centers. In the US, these include Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart. You can also buy cactus soil online from stores such as Amazon.

What Are Some Signs I’m Using The Wrong Soil For My Peace Lily?

Peace lilies will not fare well in soils that are too dense and stay soggy. The roots may develop rot, and the rest of the plant will begin to show signs of decay. If you are using inadequate soil, your peace lily might not produce flowers. Your peace lily’s leaves might also start to turn yellow or develop black spots while the stems begin to wither and crumble.

Take note of any of these conditions and repot your peace lily if they begin to appear. The most important part of your peace lily’s soil composition is drainage which is why cactus soil works so well. Do not cut corners with your peace lily’s soil or it could cost you your plant.

Final Words

Peace lilies are great houseplants to decorate any room and are pretty easy to care for as long as you provide them with the proper soil environment to grow. They require slightly acidic soil, has excellent drainage, some moisture retention, and excellent aeration for the roots to breathe.

Soils containing perlite, peat moss, vermiculite, or coco coir are great options for peace lilies. Cactus soil mixes are perfect since they already contain the loose rich quality peace lilies require and provide a slightly acidic environment with little to no added fertilizers.

In order to make cactus soil mixes ideal for peace lilies, simply add bark mulch or perlite to ensure proper aeration and drainage and lightly fertilize once a month. Peace lilies are beautiful indoor houseplants, and if you provide them with the best quality soil, they give you an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece for years to come.

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