White Stripe Peace Lily (With Pictures)

White stripe peace lilies are a unique variant of the common household potted plant. Their coloration is slightly different and offers a refreshing addition to your home décor.

In this article, you will learn what makes a white stripe peace lily one of a kind, where you can buy a white stripe peace lily, and how to take care of your white stripe peace lily. So enjoy the beauty a white stripe peace lily can add to your home!

This beautiful white stripe peace lily was found at a local supermarket! Photo credit: Duke9000

What Is A White Stripe Peace Lily?

While the white stripe peace lily bears the same beautiful tall white flowers as the other varieties of peace lily, the foliage is different. The white stripe peace lily leaves are a lighter green than the more common dark green foliage and a lot thicker.

Notably, the white stripe peace lily has a distinctive white stripe down the middle of each leaf, and the undersides of the new foliage are silver. This variety of peace lily is also known as the silver streak or white lightning peace lily and provides a stunning addition to any houseplant collection.

Where Can You Buy A White Stripe Peace Lily?

Since these peace lilies are not as common and aesthetically more appealing to some people than the standard variety, white stripe peace lilies may be hard to find. But they are well worth the search!

You may be lucky to find a white stripe peace lily at a large chain store like Lowes or Walmart, but you will probably have better luck at your local nursery or online at specialty plant websites. Amazon, Etsy, or Facebook Marketplace are also comfortable places to hunt one down, as you can do it from your home.

How Do You Take Care Of A White Stripe Peace Lily?

Peace lilies are naturally tropical plants, so they must be kept in a warm, humid environment. Generally, they can tolerate a wide range of temperatures from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 30 degrees Celsius). White stripe peace lilies should not be kept below 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius) as the cold could kill them.

White stripe peace lilies need plenty of water, and their soil should be kept mostly moist but not soggy. However, it is important not to overwater these plants because saturated soil can lead to root rot or mold. To avoid diseases, pot the plants in well-aerated soil such as those composed of perlite or peat.

In regards to sunlight, white stripe peace lilies should be placed in a well-lit room, and while natural sunlight is best, they can also thrive in a windowless environment. If you put your white stripe peace lily in the window, ensure it gets mostly indirect sunlight as too many ultraviolet rays can scorch the plant. You may need to hang a sheer curtain between the glass and the plant to help minimize direct sunlight.

White stripe peace lilies do not require a lot of pruning unless you want to keep the size of the plant manageable or there is dead or dying foliage or flowers.

White stripe peace lilies should be fertilized occasionally during the growing months of spring and summer. However, it is not necessary for the wintertime.

Final Words

White stripe peace lilies are a stunning unique variety of peace lily which feature thick light green leaves with a white or silver stripe down the middle. They can be challenging to locate, so try checking your local nursery or the various online options to purchase them. These houseplants are generally easy to care for but require plenty of water, indirect sunlight, and warm temperatures.

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