How Long Do Peace Lilies Live?

Once your peace lily has settled in its new home – and you have fallen in love with it – you will want it to live a long time! But how long do peace lilies live?

Well, I have good news for you. There is no real limit to how long peace lilies can live. So if you take good care of it, your plant will be with you as long as you want.

Read on to learn how!

How Long Can A Peace Lily Live?

If you google this question, you are likely to get confused. There is plenty of conflicting and false information on how long peace lilies live.

The truth is there is no practical limit to how long your peace lily can live.

You can continuously propagate your plant, and you will need to take good care of it, but if you do, you can have your peace lily with you for as long as you want.

Don’t Believe The False Information Out There

As I mentioned, you will find a lot of websites and blogs claiming your peace lily is relatively short-lived. A typical number is three to five years. However, this is simply not true.

I and many others have peace lilies ten years old and even older. You will find plenty of examples of this on various forums, just check here, here, or here.

So, don’t believe this fake and unsourced information. Instead, focus on taking care of your plant so you can enjoy it for years and years.

How To Make Sure You Never Have To Live Without Your Peace Lily

To take good care of your peace lily, you can start by following these simple steps:

  • Keep your plant out of direct sunlight. Give your peace lily plenty of indirect, filtered sunlight, but keep it out of harsh, direct sunlight. 
  • Establish a sensible watering routine. Make sure to water your peace lily when the top inch of the soil starts to feel dry. You can expect to water more regularly in periods where your plant grows and less frequently in dormant periods.
  • Feed your plant. To keep your plant nourished, feed it liquid fertilizer during growing seasons. Only do it sparingly with a balanced fertilizer.

Besides taking good care of your plant, I recommend you continuously propagate your peace lily. Having extra “copies” is a form of insurance. You will still have your peace lily if one should succumb to disease or pests!

Final Words

In practical terms, there is no limit to how long peace lilies can live. If you take good care of your plant and regularly propagate it, you can keep your peace lily with you for as long as you want.

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