How Often Should You Mist A Peace Lily?

Today, we will cover how frequently peace lilies need to be misted, as well as how you can do this and alternative ways to boost the humidity around your plant.

You should mist a peace lily a few times a week. It will need more frequent misting in summer than in winter, and it is generally a good idea to allow the leaves to dry out before you mist it again. In wet weather, reduce the frequency with which you mist this plant. In hot, dry weather, mist it more regularly.

Do Peace Lilies Like Humidity?

Yes, peace lilies certainly enjoy humidity. This is because they evolved to live in rainforests, where the air is often very damp, and they, therefore, prefer this sort of climate in your home. Often, our homes are too dry for rainforest plants to thrive, and that’s why it is important to occasionally boost the humidity and make sure these plants are getting what they need.

Peace lilies prefer humidity levels of over fifty percent, and sixty percent is generally better. If in doubt, you may wish to purchase a hygrometer, as this will tell you how humid your home is and whether you need to increase this humidity.

How Often To Mist A Peace Lily

How frequently you need to mist a peace lily will depend heavily on where your location is and the climate in your home, as well as the season. However, a good rule of thumb is that you should be misting it about three times a week.

If possible, you should install a hygrometer near your peace lily and mist it when the levels fall below fifty percent humidity. That said, it is a good idea to let your peace lily dry out occasionally because any plant kept wet all the time is vulnerable to fungal infections.

If your peace lily’s leaves are looking dry and crispy, it’s a good idea to give it a thorough misting. Watering will also help, but you need to be careful not to overwater your peace lily, or it is at risk of getting root rot. A combination of both methods is the safest way to keep your plant happy and healthy.

How To Mist A Peace Lily

The easiest way to mist a peace lily is to get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Distilled water is best if you can get it, or you can use rainwater if you prefer.

Tap water is often chlorinated, which peace lilies do not like. It will also leave mineral deposits on the leaves as they dry off, which can spoil your plant’s look.

You should mist your peace lily early in the day. This helps reduce the risk of your plant getting a fungal infection because the leaves will have dried out by evening. If you can’t mist your peace lily in the early part of the day, consider patting the leaves dry before you go to bed.

All you need to do is lightly spray the plant using the mister, applying a thin coating of fine droplets to the leaves. You can also spray the soil’s surface, and the water will slowly evaporate from there, increasing the humidity around your plant.

Misting a peace lily’s blooms will help to keep them fresh and bright for longer, so when your plant is in flower, make a special effort to mist it frequently.

You can also check out this quick video by Growing Wisdom on misting tropical plants such as peace lilies.

Alternative Methods To Humidify A Peace Lily

If you haven’t got time to mist your peace lily and you are worried that it is getting dried out, consider purchasing a humidifier. You can set this up with a timer switch, and it will emit some gentle puffs of water near your plant and switch off later. You can also manually switch it on and off.

This is a good way to ensure your plant gets enough humidity, but you need to check that it stays balanced as the weather changes. For example, your plant should not get dripping wet, or it might start to rot.

If you don’t want to buy a humidifier, it’s easy to make a humidity tray. You simply need a tray with no holes in it and a bag of pebbles or marbles.

Fill the tray with the pebbles, and then add water, stopping just below the level of the pebbles. Stand your plant’s pot on the pebbles, so it is above the level of the water. The water will slowly evaporate, providing a gentle mist to your plant’s leaves.

Remember to remove the plant and let it dry off occasionally, and refill the tray when necessary.

Final Words

You should mist a peace lily a few times a week, especially if you live in a dry climate. If its leaves look dry, give it a quick spray and see how quickly it perks up again. These plants like humidity, and you must provide it.

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