What Is The Ideal Temperature Range For Peace Lilies?

Peace lilies are relatively easy to care for. That being said, all plants have their own particular needs you need to be aware of. Watering, light requirements, and of course, temperature. So, what is the ideal temperature range for peace lilies?

Peace lilies should be kept at a temperature range between 64 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit (18°C – 28°C). They don’t do well in the cold and won’t be able to thrive if temperatures are consistently below 64°F (18°C).

Do Peace Lilies Hate The Cold?

Although peace lilies are well known for being hardy houseplants, there are some things that they hate. Cold temperatures are indeed a problem for them, and they can even die if they are too chilly for too long.

If your plant’s environment is not warm enough, a few signs of damage will usually start to appear:

  • Tips and edges of the leaves will start to lose color.
  • Leaves will begin to curl inwards.
  • Leaves can turn black and completely dry out.

If you notice any of these symptoms and it feels cold, you want to warm things up to make your peace lily happy again. Fortunately, these plants tend to bounce back pretty quickly once they are in the right conditions.

What Conditions Do Peace Lilies Prefer?

It’s not just a warm temperature that peace lilies enjoy; there are a few other things you want to provide for them as well.

A peace lily’s natural home is the tropical rainforest. This means that they are pleased with indirect and limited sunlight, but they like things to be simultaneously warm and humid.

Ideally, they should be in an environment with at least 50% humidity, especially if you want to see their beautiful blooms. They love a regular drink, and giving them a good misting every few days can encourage some extra growth.

What Is The Best Place To Put A Peace Lily?

Peace lilies often do well in the bathroom! Make sure it stays nice and warm throughout the day and has indirect, medium light. The extra humidity and natural misting from daily showers are perfect for helping these beautiful plants to flourish.

If you can’t make space in your bathroom, don’t worry. Almost any room in the house can be made suitable for a peace lily with the right kind of heating, and you can always get the mister out if the humidity isn’t naturally high enough.

Handy Peace Lily Care Tips

  • Don’t let the soil dry out, but don’t overwater. Check whether the first 2-3 inches of soil is dry to see if it’s time to give your plant a drink.
  • Repot annually. Even though peace lilies like to be snug in the pot, an annual repot is a good idea. This will allow you to provide your plant with fresh, nutritious soil and evaluate if the pot has become too small.

Final Words

So, what is the ideal temperature range for peace lilies? These beautiful plants’ perfect ambient daytime temperature is between 64°F and 83°F (18°C – 28°C). They are hardy and relatively easy to care for, but they need a warm and humid environment to thrive.