Grow Light For My Peace Lily

Peace lilies are known as plants that are unusually tolerant of shady conditions. They will cope with a dark corner or dingy room, but that doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from light, just as other plants do. So if you want your peace lily to bloom, a grow light is a great idea.

You can use a grow light to boost your peace lily’s growth levels by giving it more light to photosynthesize with. This also considerably increases the chances that your plant will produce flowers, as peace lilies need pretty good light to do this. A peace lily can survive for years in a shady corner, but it almost certainly will not flower without light.

Benefits To Using Grow Lights For Your Peace Lily

Peace lilies will grow much better if they have sufficient light, but they do not like direct sunshine, and this can make it difficult to position them correctly. For example, a peace lily growing in a shady corner may not get enough light, but if you move it closer to the window, it might burn.

A grow light allows you to give your plant the best of both worlds, providing sufficient light for your plant without risking its delicate leaves. You just need to get the intensity of the grow light right.

However, the most significant benefit of using a grow light is that it will encourage your peace lily to bloom. Plenty of light is the best way to get this plant to flower! But, again, not direct sunlight. So if you struggle to find the right location in your home, a grow light can be a great option. It gives you more control over how much light your peace lily gets and more flexibility about where you put it. If you want it in the corner of the room, you can put it there regardless of how much natural light there is, as long as you have a good grow light.

Downsides To Using Grow Lights For Your Peace Lily

There aren’t really any significant disadvantages to using a grow light for your peace lily, but it will have a cost associated with it.

The bulb is an upfront cost, and there is an ongoing cost of electricity. However, both of these should be reasonably low.

Other minor disadvantages include that the light distribution can be a bit uneven. The bulbs also give off some heat, which can be an inconvenience.

Tips On How Best To Use Grow Lights With Your Peace Lily

So, how do you use a grow light to maximize its benefits to a peace lily?

First, make sure you don’t put it too close to your peace lily. Although it will depend on the kind of bulb you buy, grow lights tend to emit heat, and your peace lily will not appreciate direct heat on its leaves. These plants like warm air, but not hot air – and you don’t want your grow light burning your peace lily’s foliage.

Do, however, place the light close enough to ensure it is making a difference to your plant. In addition, it’s a good idea to try and position it above the plant if possible, as this encourages the plant to grow upward and keeps its growth even.

If you put a grow light off to the side, you will probably find that your plant grows lopsided as it reaches toward the light.

Secondly, don’t leave the grow light on twenty-four seven. The plant does not need constant light, and having no periods of darkness could harm it because it will interrupt some of its natural processes.

Most plants need at least six hours of darkness each day – and this makes sense since they would have evolved with it. So while it might seem like giving your plant extra light will help it, it could do the complete opposite, so turn that bulb off at times and don’t leave it on for every hour of the day.

Different Types Of Grow Light

There are three major kinds of grow lights, which are:
Fluorescent Lights
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
High-Pressure Sodium (HPS)

These have different advantages and disadvantages, but LEDs are generally considered superior because they emit more powerful light without too much heat.

Where Can You Buy Grow Lights?

You should be able to find grow lights in many different places, including local garden centers or online stores such as Amazon. Make sure you are buying a kind that will suit your peace lily and your home!

For a bit of inspiration, you can watch this video with benjiplant. His room receives very little natural light, so his plant setup relies heavily on grow lights.

Final Words

Grow lights can be a great way to give your peace lily a growth boost and help it bloom. If your preferred position for your plant doesn’t give it enough natural light, get a grow light, and watch your peace lily thrive.

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