Peace Lily In The Bedroom – Pictures, Benefits, And More

Indoor plants not only add a nice decorative touch to your bedroom, they will also help you stay healthy. In fact, did you know that having a peace lily in your bedroom can aid your sleep?

Read on to learn all you need to know about the peace lily as a bedroom plant, including benefits and where to place it.

Are Peace Lilies Good Plants For The Bedroom?

Yes, peace lilies are great plants for the bedroom.

The reasons are numerous:

  • It is an air-purifying plant
  • It is effective at boosting humidity
  • It is tolerant of low-light
  • Its colors fit with almost any color scheme

And so much more!

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Benefits Of Peace Lilies For The Bedroom

You obviously want clean air in the room where you sleep all night. You also want the right amount of humidity. Finally, you want something aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance.

Peace lilies tick all the boxes!

The Peace Lily Is An Air-Purifying Plant

As studied by NASA, peace lilies can clean the air and filter out several harmful toxins. These toxins include benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

The recommendation from health experts is to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. You don’t want to spend all those hours breathing in toxic air.

The Peace Lily Will Boost The Humidity In Your Bedroom

The right amount of humidity is essential for your bedroom.

Airborne microbes can eventually lead to allergies, but the moisture released by peace lilies will help suppress these microbes.

Also, low humidity exacerbates dry and irritated nasal and sinus passages. Why not get a peace lily or two to help you avoid this problem?

The Peace Lily Is Tolerant Of A Low-Light Environment

The level of light will vary from bedroom to bedroom. However, bedrooms do tend to be low-light rooms. If this is the case for you, you need to look for plants that will thrive with minimal, direct sunlight light.

The peace lily is one such plant. Native to the rainforest floor, it has adapted to living in the shade of large, numerous plants and trees.

In fact, you will probably be more likely to give it too much direct sunlight than too little. So be careful if you place it in the window!

The Peace Lily Is Beautiful, Elegant, And Fits With Almost Any Color Scheme

The peace lily is a beautiful plant with its large, luscious green leaves and elegant white flowers.

It is also unlikely to clash with your general colors and décor. A problem you might have if you go with more colorful plants!

The Peace Lily Is Hardy And Low-Maintenance

If you are worried that taking care of your peace lily will be a major chore, I can assure you that it is an easy and beginner-friendly house plant.

Not only is it hardy and tolerant of low light levels, but it is also a great communicator! If you forget to give it water, it will be sure to let you know by its immediately drooping leaves!

Where Should A Peace Lily Be Placed In The Bedroom?

When you decide where to place your peace lily in the bedroom, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, as mentioned, peace lilies like indirect sunlight. Placing them in a window that receives strong, direct sunlight might scorch the plant. I recommend placing the peace lily where it receives mostly indirect sunlight or a bit of direct morning sunlight.

You should also be careful with the draft. It is best to place your peace lily away from the airstream of an air-conditioner or similar. Peace lilies prefer to be sheltered from the “wind.”

Final Words

The peace lily is a good plant for your bedroom, especially if you like clean air, comfortable humidity, and beautiful surroundings.

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