How To Split A Peace Lily – Step By Step

Follow these simple steps to split your peace lily into multiple plants:

  1. Tip your peace lily’s pot on its side. Maneuver the plant out by gently gripping the foliage and rocking it back and forth until it is free.
  2. Identify where you want to split your peace lily ensuring at least three leaves attached to a portion of roots.
  3. Manually pull apart the root ball or gently cut with a serrated knife.
  4. Repot each of your new peace lily plants and water.

This article will cover everything you need to know about dividing your peace lily plant, from when you should split it to how to split your peace lily properly. We’ll also disclose the advantages and disadvantages of splitting your peace lily.

When Should You Split A Peace Lily?

The telltale signs that a peace lily should be split include soil which dries out quickly after watering, multiple foliage crowns appearing in the pot, roots that are visibly growing out of the bottom of the pot, and the absence of flowers.

When a peace lily has grown too big for its pot as denoted by the overgrowth of roots or foliage, it should be split. The reduced production of flowers and rapid water absorption also clue you in to your peace lily’s need to be divided.

The best time of the year to split your peace lily is when the temperatures are not too hot or cold to avoid too much stress on the plant.

You can split your peace lily while it is flowering, but it may be better to wait until the blossoming season is over to avoid premature wilting of the flowers.

How Do You Split A Peace Lily?

Peace lilies are simple to split, but it is important to be gentle with your plant to not damage it. It’s a good idea to water the plant the day before you split to ensure it is in good condition.

When you are ready to begin, turn your peace lily’s pot on its side and gently squeeze the sides or shake it out by grasping the foliage and carefully tugging it out. Separate as many crowns as you’d like ensuring they each have a decent number of roots attached and at least three leaves.

Gently pull apart the root ball to split the peace lily. Sometimes the root ball is very compact. In this case, you can use a serrated knife to cut it apart carefully. Next, replant each of the newly divided peace lilies into separate pots and water thoroughly until it runs out of the bottom of the pot.

The plants may droop and wither a bit after the initial shock of division but should perk up again and be back to normal within a few days.

This well-produced video from “This is a Plant” will guide you through the process, plus give you some bonus info!

What Are The Benefits Of Splitting A Peace Lily?

Splitting your peace lily will help keep your plant healthy and allow you to enjoy more than one potted plant in your house.

It is not healthy for a peace lily to be overcrowded in its pot, and it can make your plant more susceptible to disease and pests. Splitting your peace lily helps avoid overcrowding or overgrowth, promoting smaller, more manageable plants.

Split peace lilies will produce more flowers than large overgrown plants so that you can enjoy the beauty of these plants. Additionally, when you split your peace lily, it allows you to have multiple peace lilies throughout your house or the option to gift one to a friend.

What Are The Downsides To Splitting A Peace Lily?

Although necessary to keep the plant healthy, there are a few downsides to splitting a peace lily. Sometimes it can be difficult to split a particularly dense root ball. If cut incorrectly, you can accidentally injure your peace lily plant.

Likewise, if you split your peace lily when it is not already healthy, the shock of transplanting it can damage it even further. Dividing peace lilies infected with disease or pests will only spread the infection if you do not carefully remove all diseased and infested parts.

Final Words

Peace lilies are beautiful houseplants that can grow very full but need to be split to maintain their health. Once you begin to notice signs of overgrowth, if your peace lily absorbs water too quickly or if flower production slows, it is time to split your peace lily.

Gently dividing the crowns of foliage by prying apart the root ball is a simple way to divide your peace lily. Be sure to avoid temperatures that may cause shock and water your plant thoroughly to help ease the transplant process.

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