Do Peace Lilies Purify The Air?

Beautiful and serene, nothing adds a little zen to the room, quite like peace lilies. Of course, we know that they look amazing, but here I’ll address a particular rumor: Do peace lilies purify the air?

Yes, peace lilies can help purify the air, and it’s been proven with scientific experiments by no less an entity than NASA!

Aside from the natural purification from the plant itself, if the topsoil is exposed, then even more pollutants may be absorbed. As a bonus, peace lilies even regulate the moisture in the air.

Stay with me, and I’ll tell you about peace lilies and the purity they bring to your home.

How Much Do Peace Lilies Clean The Air?

In the interest of clean air, NASA studied houseplants to determine which ones would help purify the air in a room. Peace Lilies performed quite impressively, as it turns out.

With sample pollutants, such as benzene, carbon monoxide, xylene, and even formaldehyde, peace lilies absorbed and reduced the toxins by as much as 60%! That’s a pretty impressive number, but that’s not even the full extent of the purifying effect of these plants.

Peace lilies can also absorb trichloroethylene, ammonia, and more.

It’s always fascinating when nature creates a thing of beauty and function. Peace lilies have plenty of benefits to go along with their serene aesthetics.

Do Peace Lilies Remove Mold Spores?

Yes, peace lilies can also reduce bacteria and mold spores by 50 to 60%.

While they appear delicate, these plants thrive in conditions where many others would wilt and die.

A peace lily can filter the lion’s share of pollutants in an environment with molds, bacteria, and toxins.

Where Is The Best Place In The House For A Peace Lily?

You should avoid exposure to harsh, direct sunlight and low temperatures. Otherwise, your plant should be able to thrive anywhere in your home. Coupled with their ability to improve air quality, this tolerance of low light makes peace lilies an obvious choice for bathrooms and bedrooms.

For the bathroom, you might wonder if it’s too humid. Well, you shouldn’t since peace lilies actually love humidity!

Final Words

Here, I’ve answered the question, ‘do peace lilies purify the air?’ and the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Peace lilies absorb all kinds of toxins, such as benzene, xylene, and formaldehyde, reducing toxic levels in the air by as much as 60%. They can even absorb bacteria and mold spores, reducing these by 50 to 60%.

Add in their low light tolerance, and you can place these natural air filters almost anywhere that you’d like.

Wherever you place them, they’ll improve the air quality and overall serenity in an aesthetically pleasing and elegant way. Nature has outdone herself with these purifying beauties.

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