How Big Do Peace Lilies Get?

Regular peace lilies will eventually grow one to four feet tall and wide, depending on where you place them and how well you take care of them. In an indoor setting, the most common varieties will typically grow to 3 feet.

However, peace lilies come in many varieties; some dwarf varieties will never grow larger than 15 inches, while some giant varieties grow up to six feet high.

In this article, we will cover varieties of different sizes, how fast peace lilies grow, and how to take care of your peace lily to make sure it will reach its potential size.

Medium Size Peace Lily Varieties

Here I will define medium size peace lilies as those species that grow to between two to three feet tall. If you are unsure what size plant you want, I recommend this size. Not too big, not too small, and fits most places you would like to place it.

Examples of medium size peace lilies are:

  • Jetty – up to two feet
  • Allison – up to two feet
  • Sebastian – up to three feet

Small Peace Lily Varieties

Miniature peace lilies will never grow as tall as 2 feet. They are perfect when size is at a premium. Countertops, tables, and other small spaces, here, a larger variety would be unpractical and feel overwhelming.

Examples of small-size peace lilies are:

  • White Stripe – up to 16 inches
  • Little Angel – up to 15 inches
  • Power Petite – up to 15 inches

Large Peace Lily Varieties

Giant peace lilies grow to four feet or taller! They are imposing, aesthetically pleasing, and add a sense of WOW to your home.

Examples of large peace lilies are:

  • Sensation – up to six feet
  • Mauna Loa Supreme – up to four feet

Outside Versus Inside

If your climate allows it, you can grow peace lilies outside and let them grow to their full potential without worrying about pot size and other space considerations.

Growing peace lilies inside as a houseplant allow you to control all the weather and climate elements that might affect your plant’s growth; these include temperature, wind, and sunlight.

However, inside, you are more likely to be affected by limited space and pot size limiting growth.

Growing inside or outside has potential benefits and drawbacks if you want your peace lily to get big. The best choice for you will depend on the climate where you live and the space you have available inside.

How Long Does It Take A Peace Lily To Get Big?

On average, your peace lily will take three to five years to grow to its potential size. However, how fast your peace lily grows depends on temperature, sunlight, fertilizer, and more.

If you live close to the equator, both temperature and amount of light will be relatively even all year round. Your peace lily will then grow at a steady, somewhat slow pace. Add occasional liquid fertilizer and water when the topsoil starts to feel dry to aid growth.

If you live far from the equator, the light will be sparse in the winter and abound in the summer. Even if you keep your peace lily inside at a constant temperature, this light deficiency in the winter will cause the plant to have a dormant period, where it does not grow. However, you can speed up growth in the growing season by watering more frequently and adding occasional liquid fertilizer.

How To Make Sure Your Peace Lily Grows Large!

To make sure your peace lily grows as large as possible, you need to take good care of it:

  • Keep the soil moist and water when the top inch of the soil starts to dry out.
  • Give the plant a good amount of filtered, indirect light. Avoid strong, direct sunlight.
  • Choose an appropriate size pot. The peace lily likes to be a little root-bound, but it is time to repot to a larger container when the roots start to peek out of the soil or the draining holes.
  • Fertilize with a balanced, liquid fertilizer through the growing season.

Final Words

Peace lilies come in several varieties of different sizes. A regular peace lily will grow one to four feet tall, with an average of three feet. Smaller varieties will only grow to 15 inches, while giant varieties can grow up to six feet tall.

To reach these sizes will take around three to five years. So to maximize growth, take good care of your plant!