Peace Lily Varieties You Need To Know About (With Pictures)

You are probably used to seeing the standard-variety, medium-sized, green-leaved peace lilies. However, you may not know there are all kinds of peace lilies – ones with variegated leaves, silver undersides, or giant, ribbed foliage, and even one that grows to be 6ft tall!

Some are easier to come by than others. Growers and nurseries are always coming up with new, hybrid species, and you often won’t know what variety is being sold – if they don’t come from a specialist nursery, they will just be labeled ‘peace lily.’ If you want to, you can simply pick one that seems to be the right size and color for your needs, as they all require somewhat similar care.

However, if you want to know how to identify your peace lily or are looking to diversify your collection, here, I will list the exciting peace lily specimens you need to know about. From the biggest ‘Sensation’ to the smallest ‘Power Petite.’

Sensation Peace Lily

‘Sensation’ is the biggest of the peace lily varieties. This plant has been known to reach 6ft (183 cm) in both height and width! It has thick, dark green foliage, which displays clear ribs, and is quite hardy.

While it will flower intermittently, ‘Sensation’ is generally more prized for its large, luscious foliage. It truly has a striking and dramatic look, almost like it might not be real, and the leaves are far less delicate than many other peace lily varieties.

u/Nxl0v was lucky enough to get her hands on this beautiful Sensation! Photo credit: Nyiilo

White Stripe Peace Lily

Also known as ‘silver streak’ and ‘white lightning,’ this variety looks a bit like an upright hoya. Its thick, oval-shaped leaves are a lighter green than most varieties and display a bold white streak down the center of each leaf.

This type of peace lily is quite rare, but if you can get your hands on one, you’ll have a very striking and unique addition to your houseplant collection. ‘White Stripe’ does produce the classic peace lily flower, but its bold stripe and the silvery underside it displays on new growth are its real talking points.

This beautiful white stripe peace lily was found at a local supermarket! Photo credit: Duke9000

Domino Peace Lily

The ‘Domino’ is known for its boldly variegated leaves, quite unlike the classic dark green peace lily. It can reach 20-30 inches (50-75 cm) at the mature height and produces pretty, upright flowers that will last a few weeks.

Unlike the ‘White Stripe,’ ‘Domino’ has a much more unpredictable pattern in its variegation, like a painter’s splashes, and the variegation will change as the plant grows. The coloring of the spathe and spadix of the flower may also age to a variegated green color, although they will usually start out a standard creamy white.

On a domino peace lily the patterns are unpredictable. This one has an amazing half-white leaf. Photo credit: u/mayaruins

Jetty Peace Lily

The ‘Jetty’ has the aesthetics of a classic peace lily, perhaps what you’d picture in your mind when you hear ‘peace lily.’ It has luscious green leaves and its flowers tend to last quite a long time in comparison to other peace lily varieties.

The ‘Jetty’ is very upright compared to other varieties, which may be where it gets its name. It looks a bit like it’s about to jet off into space. It could also be because it’s very fast-growing and tends to have lots of white flowers. Everything about this variety is quite vigorous.

Always on the up! That’s what a jetty peace lily is all about!

Picasso Peace Lily

The ‘Picasso’ is another rare and sought-after peace lily, again prized for the attractive white slashes across its glossy green leaves. The leaves will often have three or four different shades of green merging into grey and beige tones of cream in a painterly pattern evocative of Picasso’s brushstrokes.

Like a piece of the great painter’s art, each of these plants varies. Some have multiple shades across the leaves, and some will have a focal point in a big, bold, expressionist cream splash across an otherwise green leaf, surrounded by pure green leaves. It really depends on which plant you get and how it changes as it grows older – the variegation is not fixed.

Unpredictable, colorful, making the world more beautiful – just like Pablo himself.

Look at this gorgeous picasso peace lily. What a find! Photo credit: u/crazyplantllady

Little Angel Peace Lily

As it sounds, the ‘Little Angel’ peace lily is a dwarf variety, perfect for small spaces. It blooms quite frequently, perhaps leading to its name, as it’s usually found topped with an angelic halo of perfect, white flowers.

Easy to care for, compact, and very pretty – there’s nothing not to love about the ‘Little Angel.’

The little angel peace lily is pretty and petit!

Allison Peace Lily

The ‘Allison’ is a very popular variety of peace lily, a hybrid blend with medium-sized, dark green leaves. This is another quite classic variety of peace lily, a small-to-medium plant with creamy white flowers emerging from a tangle of long, slim, glossy leaves.

The Allison peace lily is a classic for a reason. Photo credit:

Sebastian Peace Lily

The ‘Sebastian’ peace lily has particularly long leaf stems, topped with long, slightly pointed leaves. The leaves on this variety have a very distinct ribbing to them. The ‘Sebastian’ tends to grow quite tall and upright in comparison to other varieties.

Sporting emerald green leaves with beautiful pearly-white flowers; the Sebastian is an excellent statement piece for a more spacious corner of your home. It can survive quite well in the shade but also tolerate brighter light.

The Sebastian peace lily has kind of a regal quality to it. Wouldn’t you agree? Photo credit: Plantify

Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily

The ‘Mauna Loa Supreme’ peace lily is known for its huge, bold, oval leaves, which shoot upward on foot-long leaf stems and then arch outward dramatically. It grows up to three feet tall and produces a giant, bold, single lily in the center, on a flower stem up to 20 inches (50 cm) long.

Its central flower grows on a leafless stem and is quite unusual, with a long spadix like a finger, cupped by a creamy white spathe. Overall, this is a dazzling and unique variety of peace lilies and fantastic if you’re looking for a large, stylish plant as décor in your home.

The Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily is definitely something else. Photo credit: Mybageecha

Petite Peace Lily

We started this list with the biggest peace lily, and we’ll end it with the smallest – the Petite Peace Lily. This sweet little lily will only grow to about 10 inches (25 cm) tall at most, making it a perfect plant for a small indoor room, your bedside table, or a hostess gift.

This little plant also has long-lasting white flowers and is also known as the ‘Power Petite’ – so don’t underestimate it. It may be compact, but you can rely on it to provide beautiful green foliage and a pretty pop of color.

Petite indeed! Photo credit: Mybageecha

Final Words

As you can tell, peace lilies offer plenty of variety. So please consider what exactly you are looking for, and then pick the right one for you!

If you have a favorite not mentioned here, let me know about it. I would love to learn more!