Where Should I Plant My Peace Lily Outside?

It is best to plant peace lilies in a sheltered spot that gets early morning sunlight or dappled sunlight. Peace lilies’ leaves will scorch if they are growing in direct sunlight. They will also need well-drained soil since too much water can cause damage to their roots and attract pests.

Keep reading to learn more details about the best locations to plant peace lilies and what conditions and climates you should be aware of when growing your peace lily outside.

Where Should I Plant My Peace Lily Outside?

You will need to find a spot with some shading from direct sunlight or only early morning sunlight when the sun’s rays aren’t as strong. Direct sunlight will cause scorching to the peace lilies’ leaves.

You will also need a place that blocks the wind and has drainage for the soil. Having too much rainwater or pooling of rainwater can cause diseases such as root rot.

What Kind Of Climate Do I Need To Grow Peace Lilies Outside?

Peace lilies grow best in tropical and subtropical climates. If you live somewhere with warm temperatures all year round, then you can keep your peace lilies in an outdoor garden without worrying about sudden changes in climate ruining them.

If you happen to live in a cool climate, but you still want to have your peace lilies outside for some of the year, you can plant them in pots that you can move inside when the weather starts to cool down.

What Kind Of Climate Do I Need To Grow Peace Lilies Outside In The Summer?

As long as you have warm summers, your peace lilies should do fine growing outside. The only thing to keep in mind is how much rain you get in the summer. Peace lilies need moist soil and – in hot, dry weather – will probably need watering at least once a week. However, always make sure the soil doesn’t get waterlogged.

Think about whether you get too much rain or not enough rain during the summer and either put some covering over your peace lilies or schedule to water them more often, depending on your circumstance.

What Conditions Are Important For My Peace Lily Outside?

The essential conditions you need to know to have your peace lilies healthy while growing outside are:

  • No direct sunlight. Putting some shelter over your peace lilies or putting them somewhere with dappled sunlight is the best way to keep your peace lilies from getting scorched.
  • Tropical or subtropical climate. Peace lilies have no tolerance for frost or cold weather, so you will only grow them outside if there is a warm climate.
  • Avoid strong winds. It’s best to have your peace lilies somewhere blocking the wind so that they won’t get damaged by any strong winds.
  • Well-drained soil. Peace lilies need moist soil, but too much water will cause damage and disease in the plant. Pick a soil with lots of organic material to help drain water but also provide fertilizer.
  • Spray with neem oil or insecticidal soap. You won’t be able to protect your peace lilies from pests like mealybugs and spider mites as well as you could indoors, so you will need to protect the leaves while avoiding burning them.
  • Keep pets and children away. Peace lilies have calcium oxalate crystals which means getting them into your mouth will cause irritation and nausea. You might want to put a fence around the area with your peace lilies if you have pets or children who might get into them.

Moving Your Indoor Peace Lilies Outside

If you already have indoor pace lilies that you now want to transplant outside, you will need to schedule time for them to adjust. Any plant exposed to a new environment will need time to adjust to it, and there are plenty of new obstacles outdoors than there are indoors.

It would be best if you move the peace lilies outside for a few hours each day so they can slowly adjust to being outside before planting them in an outside garden or planter. It might even be a good idea to keep them in the planter indefinitely so you can move them back inside if you need to.

Final Words

It’s usually best to grow peace lilies indoors, but if you want to have your peace lilies outside, even for part of the year, then you will need somewhere out of direct sunlight, little to no wind, warm weather, and well-drained soil.

In most instances, keeping your peace lilies in pots is the best option since it allows you to bring them inside if the weather is too cold or there is too much wind, and it gives you the freedom to move your plants to account for shifting sunlight over the seasons.