Can A Peace Lily Survive In An Air-Conditioned Room?

A peace lily is a vibrant plant that adds a breath of fresh air to any living space. However, can a peace lily survive in an air-conditioned room, or are these plants more particular about where they are placed?

Peace lilies are not impacted by air conditioning as long as they are not placed right in front of the air stream. So long as these plants receive the proper care, they are pretty adaptable to the conditions of your home. Many plant lovers enjoy peace lilies in the home because they grow robust and lush with beautiful flowers.

A peace lily can also do more for your home than make it look beautiful.

Can A Peace Lily Survive In An Air Conditioned Room?

A peace lily can survive in an air-conditioned room without the need to change its regular care routine. However, the placement of this plant in your room matters. Don’t place your plant directly in the air stream, and it should be fine.

For your peace lily to truly thrive in an air-conditioned room, they have some additional requirements, such as:

How Cold Is Too Cold For A Peace Lily?

When temperatures start to dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or 15 degrees Celsius, your peace lily will begin to feel the impact of the cold. This temperature will not kill the plant, but it will slow its growth if the temperature remains lower than 60 degrees for several days.

Once temperatures start to reach below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, or 7 degrees Celsius, that is when your peace lily is going to begin to wither away. Temperatures remaining under this range for a few days will diminish the plant’s life, and it can become increasingly difficult to bring peace lilies back to life at this point.

No matter what, the temperature inside an air-conditioned room is unlikely to become too cold for a peace lily unless you really love to crank up your AC!

Where To Put A Peace Lily In An Air Conditioned Room

You don’t want to situate your peace lily right next to the air conditioner. Similarly, you don’t want the stream of cold air flowing directly onto the plant. If you have central air that travels throughout the house, it’ll be easier to find a suitable spot for your peace lily.

If you have an air conditioner installed in a window, it might be a little tougher to situate your peace lily appropriately. It needs to be able to get some light, but it shouldn’t be in the direct line of the cold stream of air from your air conditioning unit. Remember peace lilies like indirect, mild light, too much direct sunlight will scorch it!

Benefits Of Peace Lilies For Air Conditioned Rooms

The peace lily has been scientifically studied by NASA, they found it to be one of the top plants in eliminating air pollutants. Since your air conditioning is pulling outside air into your home, your peace lily ensures that the potential contaminants don’t manifest in the air for too long.

If you are interested, you can check out the study here.

Peace lilies will also add moisture back into the air, so it doesn’t dry out due to all the artificial air circulating. Through a process known as transpiration, your plant sucks the water up from the soil, and stores it in the leaves, before it finally evaporates into the air.

Final Words

Under the right conditions, the peace lily can blossom beautifully in an air-conditioned room, as these hardy plants are adaptable. Unless your air conditioning is cranked full blast, it shouldn’t impact the livelihood of this purifying plant.

With the multiple benefits peace lilies add to a home, coupled with how comparatively low-maintenance they are, peace lilies are the perfect plant to introduce into your space, even in the brutal heat of summer with your air conditioner running.