The Best Companion Plants For Peace Lilies (With Pictures)

At first, finding suitable plants to grow with peace lilies might seem daunting. Do they even like other plants?

Rest assured, you can plant peace lilies with other plants! Look for companion plants that have similar care needs. They will like moist, well-drained soil and partial shade. For inspiration, you can even look for plants that grow with peace lilies in the wild.

Some plants, however, won’t do well growing with peace lilies. Read on to learn more about companion planting with peace lilies!

Can Peace Lilies Be Planted With Other Plants?

Yes, you can plant peace lilies with other plants! Several plants will go well with peace lilies. But you can’t just choose any plant to go with them. Instead, you want to select plants that are considered companion plants.

What Are Companion Plants?

Companion plants can serve several purposes. But, at the simplest level, companion plants are plants that can live cohesively with each other. They can be used in more specific ways, too, though.

One way companion plants are so helpful is to provide shade to other plants, for example, peace lilies like warm weather but not direct sunlight. So planting them under a broadleaf plant like a palm will keep them happy with filtered light.

Some plants require other plants to thrive. Orchids and bromeliads are great examples. They don’t like to be planted in soil. They need to have plenty of airflow around their roots and indirect light. They are happiest when they can attach to the bark of trees.

Recommended Peace Lily Companion Plants

Many plants go well with peace lilies. Most of the plants on this list have similar needs to peace lilies, plus I’ve tried to find plants with a complementary shape.

False Aralia

This plant has a tall structure with dark, sharp-looking leaves. The dark color will contrast nicely with your peace lilies!


Peperomias are a great companion to put with peace lilies! They tend to grow very close to the ground, so they don’t compete with peace lilies for light. They also have a heart-shaped leaf that complements peace lilies well.

Butterfly Ginger

This cute little ginger variety grows great with peace lilies. It prefers partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. Its delicate flowers will complement peace lilies’ big flashy ones.


Many types of ferns will go well with peace lilies. They often grow in the understories of forests and come in many different shapes and colors. You will definitely find one to go with your peace lilies!

Dracaena And/Or Cordyline

While both flowers are from different families, they look very similar. Both have that distinctive spiral leaf pattern that draws in the eye. They come in many different colors and will highlight your peace lilies.


Caladiums are a great way to add a pop of color without competing with your peace lilies for attention! In addition, their bright pink leaves stay relatively low to the ground, making them a great filler plant for your bed.


Crotons are super cool plants that come in a ton of different colors! They like the same environment as peace lilies, so they won’t add much work to your care routine.

Never Plant These Plants Together With Peace Lilies

Of course, there are also plants that you should never plant together with a peace lily.

Peace lilies will get along with plants that like humidity and filtered light. However, a few plants will not grow well in that environment.

  • Plants that like the full sun: Your peace lilies will get sunburned if planted in the full sun. On the other hand, putting plants that like full sun in the shade will cause them to die.
  • Plants that are creeping or climbing: Creeping or climbing plants need something to climb on to reach the sun. They can quickly get out of hand and choke out your peace lilies.
  • Plants that like wet soil: While peace lilies like moist soil, they do not want to be wet. Overwatering will cause them to rot and die.
  • Plants that like dry soil: Peace lilies can be drama queens. They don’t like the ground to be too dry, either. Such plants – for example, cactuses or succulents – would not be good companions as they require consistently dry soil.

Final Words

While finding the proper companions for your peace lily may seem daunting, don’t be discouraged! All you need to do is look for plants that require similar care and nutrients.

Try looking for plants that grow natively with peace lilies or come from a similar habitat. That will make the care instructions easier while keeping your plants happy and healthy.